Designer Transforms 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD into a Plane

GMC Sierra 2500HD | Freehold, NJ

On land, the GMC Sierra 2500HD has a lot going for it, but who knew it had aeronautic potential?

Designer Mark Ray did. By fueling his creativity, he transformed a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD into a plane. The Plane Car, although not technically able to take to the skies, features a spinning propeller, captain’s chairs, airplane-inspired windows, and hardwood floors. Constructed from scrapped plane components, the 1974 Cessna Ram aircraft built on top of the formidable GMC model, also boasts entertaining roots. As a prop in Marvel’s movie sensation, Black Panther, the Plane Car might even have superpowers.

This is the second plane car Ray has built. (He’s even built a boat car). After putting in nearly six months of eight to 10 hour-days, Ray was able to merge the automotive brilliance of the Sierra with the foraged plane parts. His recent creation measures 32 feet in length and 12 feet in height if you factor in the top of the tail. Although The Plane Car can’t fly, it can drive. With seatbelts, working lights, mirrors, a backup camera, and doors, it qualifies as street-legal and will serve as a traveling billboard.

Test-drive the well-equipped, vehicular version of the GMC Sierra 2500HD at Freehold Buick GMC.

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