Fall Car Care

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Fall Car Care

Fall car care isn’t something you should skip, especially if you had problems this past summer. Cooler weather brings its own set of potential issues. Make sure to attend to these maintenance items before heading out to see family!


Your car should have its oil changed every season, and fall is no different. If you’re uncertain whether or not your car needs an oil change, consult the owner’s manual.

Oil plays three major roles within the engine block: cool, lubricate, and protect. Naturally, fresh oil performs all three roles better than old oil. Changing the oil seasonally is a great way to protect your engine from unnecessary damage. After all, who wants to spend thousands to fix an engine when an oil change costs under $100?


Car batteries can last for years untouched, but it’s good to get into the practice of performing regular seasonal maintenance. Scrape corrosion off of the posts and tighten all the connections. Check the fluid level if the caps are removable. If your battery is several years old, it might be worth the time to have a professional technician check its health with their equipment.


Tires that lack tread won’t help much at all once the cooler weather sets in. Take a few moments to walk around your vehicle with your eye on the tires. If the tread levels appear low, it might be time to consider a replacement set of tires. Make sure to rotate the tires regularly, ideally at every oil change, and check the pressure weekly!

If you need help getting your vehicle ready for cooler temperatures, contact us at Freehold Buick GMC and speak to the service department.

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