Back to School Car Maintenance

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Summer will be coming to a close soon, which means it’s time to tackle some back-to-school car maintenance. Check out these important maintenance items to take care of before school is back in full swing.


There are a number of important maintenance items that revolve around the tires. Ideally, you should regularly check your car’s tire pressure and bring it to the manufacturer-suggested pressure located on the sticker on the inside of the driver’s door.

You should inspect your car’s tires for any bulges and abnormalities. Damaged tires often aren’t safe to drive on. If the tires don’t have enough tread to provide an optimal amount of traction, it’s time for a new set.


The windshield wipers are a crucial, if not often forgotten, piece of safety equipment. Heavy rains can be a serious hazard for cars with ineffective wiper blades. As a general rule, you should replace your car’s wiper blades every six months. Changing the blades a little earlier certainly doesn’t hurt either!

Air Filters

Making sure the kids are comfortable on the way to and from school means making sure the air conditioning releases clean air into the vehicle. Changing the cabin air filter will ensure that there’s no pollen or other debris making it into the car through the air vents. The engine filter is another basic maintenance item that should be changed frequently to maintain peak performance.

For all your back-to-school car maintenance needs, schedule an appointment with the service department at Freehold Buick GMC.

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