How to Open a Frozen Car Door

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If you have to park outside during the winter, chances are someday you’ll have to deal with a car door that’s frozen shut. Whether your lock is frozen or there’s ice covering your whole car preventing you from opening the door, we have a few methods that should work for you.

If there’s ice around the edges of the door that makes it impossible to open, the easiest solution is to try to push the door in to crack the ice. Don’t push hard enough to dent the car, but if you lean your weight against it, it shouldn’t take too much movement to break the ice.

If the ice is thick enough, though, that might not work, which is where pouring warm water on the frozen areas can help. This isn’t a very effective solution for frozen locks. However, if the ice is just on your door, try it out. Just be extra careful not to pour warm or hot water on your windshield; this can cause the glass to crack. If you have a power source you can use outside, try melting the ice with a hair dryer on the hot setting, or use a commercial de-icer.

If it’s your lock that’s frozen inside, that’s a slightly trickier problem. De-icer can work for this too, but if you don’t have any on hand, a smart solution is to take a lighter and heat up your car key, being careful not to melt any plastic pieces on the key. This way, you can melt the ice as you insert the key into the lock.

If you’re still not able to open a frozen car door or lock after trying these solutions, give us a call at Freehold Buick GMC for more tips.

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