Buick’s New Demographic: How It Has Shifted

Buick has been around for as long as anyone can remember. However, the Buicks on the street today are not the same as the Buicks that were on the street 20 years ago.

So, what happened?

Over the years, Buick has gone through many different phases. From its height of popularity in the 1980s to more recent years where there were talks of shutting the brand down completely, Buick has seen it all.

2018 Buick LaCrosse Essence - Freehold, NJ

However, what has kept Buick around is its ability to continue to adapt its marketing plan to a shifting automotive market. Although its primary audience before was much older, Buick realized that it could no longer work on appealing to older and older generations or they would have no customers left one day

Buick has managed to drop its average driver age to 52 years old over the years due to its more modern, sleek design. In turn, their brand loyalty has also followed suit. The percent of buyers who come back for another Buick has increased from 21% to 29%.

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