The Bad Habit of Warming Up Your Car Is Wasting Your Money

car in winter - Freehold, NJ

There are numerous drawbacks to letting your car warm up for prolonged periods of time.

Now that cooler temperatures are slowly starting to set in, you may be about to change your morning schedule – perhaps turning on your vehicle about five minutes before you’re ready to leave, “warming it up.”

The practice of warming up your car has been popular for years, not only to keep passengers warmer but also based on the belief that your car needs this time to perform properly.

In truth, warming up your car is actually bad for your car, as well as ineffective.

Unless your vehicle was made decades ago, it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds for it to warm up. It certainly doesn’t require five minutes, which is just five more minutes of energy wasted and pollution production. In fact, you can feel free to start your car up and drive immediately.

And if you are thinking that you’d much prefer your vehicle to be warm once you get inside of it, you are not alone. However – the warming process of your vehicle’s interior occurs much faster once you begin to drive. That’s right: The fastest way to get warm is to just start driving.

This winter, don’t take part in the popular myth that does nothing for you – except waste a bit of gasoline. For more winter driving tips, visit us anytime at Freehold Buick GMC.

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