Lansing Delta Township Plant Builds Two-Millionth Vehicle

Lansing Delta Township Plant produced its 2-millionth vehicle

GM is constantly creating quality vehicles to send out on the road. One GM plant just finished creating its two-millionth vehicle!

According to a GM press release, the GM Lansing Delta Township Plant built its two-millionth vehicle, and what a vehicle it was! The plant’s two-millionth vehicle was a White Frost Tri-coat 2016 Buick Enclave.

The Lansing Delta Township Plant is GM’s newest manufacturing plant in North America, which opened in 2006. 3,200 employees help the factory run during three shifts.

“This milestone directly reflects the dedication and hard work that our employees put into these crossovers every day,” said Mike Trevorrow, Lansing regional plant manager, in the press release. “This team has established a strong foundation since opening to enable us to produce our 2 millionth vehicle in nine years, which is quite an accomplishment.”

One more thing the Lansing Delta Township Plant has to boast about- it was the first automotive factory in the world to receive the title of Gold Certified Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

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