The Innovative 24 Hour Test Drive by Buick

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24 hour test drive by Buick

Buick has already revolutionized the luxury car and crossover market. Why not do the same thing with the test drive?

Test drives are absolutely necessary when buying a new vehicle. Sometimes, they can be unsettling. You take the car for a spin and 20 minutes, maybe an hour later, you return. You think to yourself, “I like this car but…how do I really know? How do I know what this car will feel like on average day in my life?”

Enter the 24 Hour Test Drive by Buick. No more test drive anxiety. You’ll have the opportunity to take any Buick vehicle out for a whole day. Pick the kids up. Grab a bite to eat. Take a drive through the park. Whatever strikes your fancy.

As long as you’ve got a current driver’s license and proof of car insurance, you can participate in the 24 Hour Test Drive. Naturally, the selection of Buick vehicles is based on availability.

To celebrate the launching of the 24 Hour Test Drive, Buick put together a couple cool videos to help you be happier. Learn some car yoga moves and de-stress here.

You can schedule your test drive on our website-

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