Buick Design Studio: Home of the Lys Family Sculptors

Buick Design Studio

When it comes to design, Buick has been working with some of the most creative artists in the world to develop truly innovative styling. This includes the Lys family, consisting of Roman, Robert, and Daniel.

According to Buick, Daniel currently works as a sculptor in GM Design, and Robert works as a lead sculptor in another brand studio. Roman, who is Robert’s father and Daniel’s grandfather, was a Polish immigrant who went from woodcarver to master sculptor in the Buick design studio.

“I was fortunate to learn from my father, and to also be able to study in a formal setting,” said Robert Lys, who joined his father at General Motors in 2003. “You have to be born with some talent, then take it to another level through school and training.”

Researchers have looked at the Lys family as an example of nature vs. nurture when it comes to artistic talent, especially because the family seems to have a very specific talent for automotive design. Professors at Michigan State University have concluded it’s probably both genetics and a unique childhood environment which led to generations of the Lys family all working in the field.

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