Traveling Safely with Your Pets

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traveling safely with pets

If you’re taking a vacation and can’t find a friendly neighborhood kid to watch your pets, you might want to bring them along on your trip. And why not? Your dog is your best friend! He deserves a nice visit to the beach as much as you do. If you bring your furry friend with you, though, there are some measures you have to take to ensure you’re traveling safely with your pets.

First, it’s important to choose a vehicle that fits your pet’s size, especially if you have a big dog. Make sure they have room to move around and stretch their legs! You’ll also want to make sure you have your pet safely secured in the vehicle. In the case of an accident, your pet could be launched around the car, causing harm to both you and them. There are many restraints made just for dogs and cats to ride safely in the car.

Your pets should have frequent access to clean water, and you should make sure to bring pre-packaged food for them to snack on during the ride. Stop every couple hours to let them go to the bathroom and drink. On long trips with cats, bring a litterbox in your car.

Finally, plan ahead! Look for pet-friendly hotels, bring vet records, and carry a picture of your pet in case she gets lost. Losing your pet with no way to get them back will not make for a fun vacation.

The next time you take a trip with your dog or cat, remember these helpful tips to ensure you have the best vacation.

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