Buick Avenir Design Intended to Shine

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Buick Avenir design

The all-new Buick Avenir design was created to stand out in more ways than one. The Avenir’s designers took certain liberties in building the Avenir, making it more energy-efficient and inventing a bold look that people simply won’t be able to look away from.

The new Buick concept has very distinctive headlamps and taillamps like all Buick models, but the particular use of LED lights allowed engineers and designers to create new lighting elements unique to the Avenir.

Michael Simcoe, GM International Operations vice president of design, said, “We worked hard to not only make Avenir distinctive from across the room, but draw you closer with its detail work and that certainly includes its dramatic lighting.”

The Avenir’s signature lighting combination is only one of the unique aspects in its design. Its interior is decorated in luxury materials and high-tech infotainment systems, and the exterior is as sleek as they come. With a very modern look, including long lines, a wide body, and hatchback inspiration, the Avenir is truly something Buick fans are excited about.

For now, the Avenir is only a concept for Buick. Maybe one day we’ll be lucky enough to see it produced!

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