New GMC Canyon Brings Truck-Driving Fun to City Slickers

There are lots of fun things about being downtown in a big city—great people watching, awesome food, tourist attractions, a thriving nightlife, and more. However, parking and driving can sometimes be a real bummer—especially if you’ve got a big vehicle to lug around. Those city limitations sometimes keep pickup enthusiasts from buying a truck in the city.

The new GMC Canyon hopes to change all that, though. It’s a great new mid-size truck that’s perfect for almost any job or scenario. The Canyon is ready for off-road adventures, city driving, and everything in between. The Canyon comes with two different engine options, too—so you can decide between a four-cylinder and a hungrier V6 engine. Depends on how much noise you want to make revving around downtown.

2015 GMC Canyon - Freehold Buick GMC Blog

You might picture a scene like this when you think of the new GMC Canyon’s natural habitat, but it’s just as comfortable in urban settings.

The Canyon’s interior is roomy but cozy at the same time. Therefore, the interior matches the exterior: they are both perfectly sized and full of features and value. While the truck might be smaller compared to other pickup offerings, it does come with several configurations. You can choose between extended and crew cabs, and between two bed sizes on the crew cab version. Come see us at Freehold Buick GMC to check out this multipurpose truck today!

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