Buick’s All-Electric Future Is on Display with the Wildcat EV Concept

The future of Buick design has arrived, and the Wildcat EV Concept is the perfect showcase. From its fresh logo design to its bold silhouette and unique lighting, this concept vehicle is loaded with elements that will soon debut on Buick’s production EV models.

The Wildcat shows off a sleek coupe look with a swept-back roofline, a wraparound windshield design, and checkmark-shaped lamps. Buick’s new tri-shield badge is prominently displayed above the forward-thrust trapezoidal grille. Other exterior features for the Wildcat include 18-spoke wheels designed to resemble jet turbines, semi-swing doors, and micro-LED lighting technology.

Inside, the Wildcat features a 2+2 seating configuration, cockpit-style front seats, an enormous touch-screen display, a large console that extends into the rear seat, and floating elements that promote a spacious, airy atmosphere. It’s equipped with technologies that draw on artificial intelligence and biometrics to fill the cabin with relaxing seat settings, light displays, sounds, and scents.

Since the Wildcat EV is a concept vehicle, you won’t be seeing it here at Freehold Buick GMC. But you will get to see many of its features — likely starting in the 2024 model year, when Buick plans to introduce its first production EV here in the United States.

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