Why Weird Air Conditioning Smells Could Indicate Car Trouble

Sometimes it’s obvious when there’s a problem with your car’s air conditioning, like the breeze isn’t cold or isn’t very strong. But some signs are far less conspicuous. Foul smells can actually be an indication that something is wrong with your vehicle. If your car’s air conditioning gives off a weird smell when you blast it, that could be a problem. Here’s why.

A bad smell can point to a problem in the air conditioning system. The most common problem is that the cabin air filter hasn’t been changed for a long time and is clogged with gunk and bacteria. This problem can manifest in a sour smell coming from the vents when you blast the A/C or heat.  

If you recognize the smell of damp, rotting debris or mildew, something could be trapped in the car’s air intake vent that’s decomposing. If it’s wet and moldy, you’re sure to get a whiff of it.

Other unusual smells can be signs of chemical leaks. A toxic smell can indicate seeping refrigerant, while a sweet smell could be a leaking heater core.

Whenever you notice weird air conditioning smells coming from your car’s vents, we strongly recommend you bring your car, truck, or SUV to the Freehold Buick GMC service center in Freehold Township, New Jersey. It’s important that your family is safe riding in your vehicle, and bad smells could indicate an underlying danger.

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