Buick Scores Third in Most Reliable Automotive Brand by JD Power

Buick earned a spot as one of the top 3 most reliable automotive brand

Buick has been making a name for itself for a long time. Superb driving dynamics, Intellilink infotainment system, sleek and beautiful exterior design—in so many different ways, Buick stands above the competition. Now we need to add reliability to the list (if it wasn’t already there).

JD Power and Associates is constantly analyzing automotive product quality, buying trends and customer loyalty. One particular study asks: what is the most reliable automotive brand?

To get its answer, JD Power queried a huge pool of participants with 2013 model year vehicles. 33,560 drivers responded, answering various questions as to the reliability of their vehicles. When the results came in, Buick came in third place. Not to mention, three Buick models scored in the specific model measure.

When it came to specific models, the Buick Verano took the cake in the compact car category. The Buick LaCrosse won amongst large cars and the Buick Encore among small SUVs.

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