Easy Tips to Keep Your Car Clean, No Matter How Messy You Are

Keep Your Car Clean

For some, keeping the inside of your car clean is no easy task. It’s simple to let little spills and bits of trash stay where they are, until – inevitably – your vehicle seems like an overwhelming mess.

To prevent this phenomenon, here are some tips to keep your car clean:

  • Start off with a clean car. If your car isn’t clean right now, set aside a few hours to do a complete overhaul.
  • Once your vehicle is free of debris, add a trash bag or a trash bin in an easy-to-reach spot.
  • Consider adding plastic mats where dirty shoes would normally rest, or an easily washable blanket wherever fluffy pets tend to reside.
  • If most of your car trash is food-related: just stop eating in your car. Wait until you get home, where you’ll be much more likely to throw garbage away.
  • Check on the back seat every now and then. If you never go back there, you’ll never notice that empty cups that guests leave behind.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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