GMC Compact SUV like Encore or Trax Still “Certainly Possible”

GMC Compact SUV like Encore or Trax Still “Certainly Possible”

The all-new Chevy Trax

If you love the Buick Encore compact SUV and the similar Trax that our cousins at Chevrolet recently launched, you may be happy to learn GMC may soon be following in their footsteps.

At a recent press event, lead engineer Al Manzor told Automotive News that it was “certainly possible” for the Trax to wear a GMC-branded suit.

It’s a long way from confirmation but given the success of the Encore here at Freehold Buick GMC, and the overall surge of love for compact SUVs in the recent automotive market, we think it all-too-likely that GMC will go ahead with it.

Part of the reason we think so is the loyalty of our customers. Sure, Buick and Chevy have similar vehicles, but GMC consumers want a unique GMC compact SUV, with all of the flair and style that comes with it. The only downside is that it might poach potential Encore buyers, but we think it’ll ultimately bring more overall buyers into the fold, and that can’t be a bad thing.

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