Buick Takes Candid Look At Self-Image

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The 2015 Buick Lineup

A car’s image can take on a life of its own sometimes.  Take Buick for instance.  Over time, its image has become somewhat linked with an older demographic.  Apparently, Buick is aware of this.  People like to see a company with the ability to poke fun at itself.  Buick has done just that with its recent marketing campaign.  It’s hard not to feel like they’ve made themselves a lot more sincere and approachable in the process.

Buick recently initiated a campaign covering five different models.  The LaCrosse, Verano, Enclave and Encore.  Boldly, the tagline for this campaign is “One of five expectation-shattering models.”  The expectation alluded to here is obviously the expectation of seeing an older driver behind the wheel.  In one commercial, a young man shows off his new car to his grandmother.  She doesn’t believe it’s a Buick.

The truth is that Buick is doing very well for itself since this media campaign has started. Sales have seen an impressive climb, but Duncan Aldred, US vice-president of Buick and GMC, reminds us that it’s more than marketing. It’s also great vehicles.

“It’s the summation of a lot of things,” he says, “You get to a place where the stars align.”

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