Breaking Boundaries With the New Buick Riviera Concept Model

New Buick Riviera concept vehicle

New Buick Riviera concept vehicle

Buick recently revealed a new cutting edge Buick Riviera concept model in Shanghai that the company hopes will revitalize their brand and is a turning point for them.

The President of Shanghai GM, Ye Yongming said “By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, flexible functions and contemporary aesthetics, the new Riviera heralds the start of a new chapter for the 110-year-old Buick brand.”

The vehicle is designed and takes inspiration from water and how it is constantly flowing. It is easy to be seen in the concept model through the lines on the car and how they flow down to the grille. You can tell that Buick was going for a next generation type of model that would be ground-breaking not only to their company, but the auto industry in general.

A futuristic exterior paired with elegant looks is sure to turn heads. Everything about the Riviera concept model is innovative and modern. At Freehold Buick GMC, this vehicle is already the talk of everyone here.

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