The Classics: 1961 Buick Special

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New 1961 Buick Special is the Best of Both Worlds

1961 Buick Special

1961 Buick Special four-door station wagon

In 1961, Buick introduced a completely new car that offered the luxuries often found in large cars in a smaller package. The 1961 Buick Special, as the sales brochure notes, is “Buick in a great new fun-sized dimension.”

As the 1950s ended, power and size of automobiles began to lose appeal among the American public. So, car manufacturers turned to compact cars. For those that wanted the best of both worlds, General Motors introduced the 1961 Buick Special, which combined the power and comfort of the large cars with the smaller size of the new cars.

The 1961 Buick Special was available as a two-door coupe, two- or four-door sedan, four-door station wagon, or two-door convertible. It came equipped with an Aluminum Fireball V8 engine and Dynaflow transmission. Other standard features included air-cooled brakes, dual armrests, dual sun visors, turn signals, a cigarette lighter, Magic Mirror finish, electric windshield wipers, and safety PLATE glass.

Those looking to upgrade could choose the 1961 Buick Special Deluxe edition, which offered standard custom padded cushions, custom exterior trim molding, carpeting, rear armrests and ashtrays, a deluxe interior, and a deluxe steering wheel.

Other equipment across the lineup included power steering, a side-view mirror, radio, luggage rack, heater/defroster, electric clock, air conditioning, white sidewall tires, and a steering wheel cover.

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